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We help your company in its digital transformation

Innovation for industries with a return on efficiency

Digital Twin

Be data driven

Advanced Automation

Increase the efficiency of your processes and reduce operating costs

Sensores IoT

Have sensors adapted to your needs

Advanced Analytics

Turn your factory data valuable

Why choose Aimirim?

Experience excellence in industrial automation with our team of qualified professionals dedicated to delivering exceptional results.

Investment with guaranteed return

It is not necessary to instrument the entire process, we provide improvements based on existing devices.

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Products developed in-house, which allows us to adjust the technology to the customer's needs.


Our products can be integrated in different supervisory and PLC systems.


Forecast of payback

We have a tool that estimates the gains that will be obtained after implementing the technology.

Main Customers
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What do our customers say about us?

At Aimirim, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional digital products and services that drive our customers' success. Here's what some of our satisfied customers have to say about their experience working with us

Aimirim has helped us reduce our carbon emissions!

“By using Aimirim's technology to optimize the steam generation process and make it more efficient, we have already avoided the emission of 31 tons of CO2 by November 2023.”
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They don't want to sell a ready-made solution, but adapt to our needs.

“Aimirim joined the demand for software for integrated energy analysis of the water distribution and wastewater collection system, a very strategic challenge, since energy consumption accounts for around 24% of the company's operating costs.”
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Aimirim's system results in a 30% reduction in the inputs needed to produce energy while generating the same caloric value

"Aimirim increases the efficiency of sugar cane pulp combustion for energy production by using AI to simulate, control and automate the process. This system results in a 30% reduction in the inputs required while generating the same calorific value." 

The Artificial Intelligence algorithm developed by Aimirim has allowed us to increase the efficiency of our boilers in the bioenergy parks

"The solution, validated by Raízen, reads and interprets, in real time, variables from the sugarcane cogeneration process for more assertive decision-making, aiming for less


Beginning of market operations


Successful cases


Value returned to the market
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