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Artificial intelligence inside companies

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

mão robótica apontando para rede de dados

Companies from all fields will go through changes in order to keep up with the market tendencies and needs. The digital transformation, specially with the artificial intelligence (AI) application, is the main change which characterizes the current scenario.

The Brazilian industry is a key element in this transformation. Data from an International Data Corporation Brazil research (IDC Brasil), issued in February 2021, show that the information technology market, despite still being impacted by the pandemic, should grow 11% in 2021. Artificial intelligence and machine learning projects have been increasing, around 25% of large sized companies already use these technologies, and the investments in these areas will achieve the amount of US$464 millions this year.

This situation is very compelling to the enterprises, because by incorporating artificial intelligence to their processes, they have a competitive advantage, given that the usage of artificial intelligence is strongly correlated with the efficiency increase.

Operational costs reduction

One of the main factors that companies seek with the use of technologies is the efficiency increase and, consequently, the costs reduction, which are possible due to the process optimizations done by computational algorithms.


Is there something more engaging than a company that innovates, and invests in the digital transformation? This transformation arises to complement the changes, moreover, it might be used to establish new business models.

With the technology use in entrepreneurial centres, the organizations master their assets and needs, and might have full control over their processes and, therefore, their costs.

Security and agility

Voice pattern and face recognition are some examples of artificial intelligence applications as security measures inside a company. Thus, the entrepreneurial data will be more secure against frauds which might lead to extra costs to the organizations.

Artificial intelligence is able to generate logical and cohesive links between the data, which allows the report construction and the process monitoring without any manual labour and, moreover, the use of the collected information to improve the process, which results in more agility to the big companies.

Automated customer service

The customers' participation inside an organization has been improved over the years and now they take part in the whole production process. That is known in the industry 4.0 as the customization massification.

Therefore, the companies need to be attentive to any client interaction with the organization and the chatbots are an excellent alternative to customer service. The robot can assist the users in various questions and in different stages of the decision making process.

Funcionários de uma indústria avaliando os equipamentos

Artificial intelligence implementation

In order to know which of the available technologies is crucial to the strategic changes inside the company it is mandatory to get a deeper insight into the field by having partner organizations such as Aimirim, to map a business planning to evaluate the cost benefit of each one of them.

The artificial intelligence used in companies are divided in two, machine learning and IoT. See the characteristics of each one of them.

Machine learning: is the machine learning with improvements potential and has as basis the own experience according to the processed data.

loT: In the industry, the technology facilitates the connectivity and the information generation in areas that still do not have this collection. The goal is that everything is connected to a net and behaves in an organic way as a complementary data tangle.

Future technology

Invest in technologies, in particular IA, optimizes the data flow and does not place the collaborators in repetitive and exhaustive activities, which maximizes the efficiency, reduces the costs and maintains a competitive advantage over the concurrents.

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