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Be a Universal Integrator: automate with proof and efficiency

Updated: Jun 6

With Universal Integrator training, you have the chance to be trained by Aimirim to apply existing and evolved automation models.

It's time to strengthen your innovation flow with Open Source models, such as those used in computing, smartphones and ecommerces. By sharing our technology set with you, we are creating a plug-and-produce ecosystem, with automation uses that really solve your demands in a proven way.

Your team doesn't need to have the hard skills to develop software and package it into automation blocks like Aimirim has done and? you don't have to! We've already done it and we'll train your team to be able to conduct efficient integrations for the business.

Time to invest in guaranteed development! You'll choose and use what we've already created to improve your industrial processes and gain more results. We have a technological platform to share with you and take your industrial efficiency to an unprecedented level.

Learn more about how to become a Universal Integrator trained by Aimirim and automate your processes in a sustainable and intelligent way:


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