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Freedom to integrate with any vendor: What do you mean?

We're going to tell you how we deliver autonomy and flexibility to our users, contrary to the lock-in logic that makes the client hostage to the products and technologies they have contracted.

When Aimirim came onto the market in 2016, we were selected for a challenge from a local industry: to put artificial intelligence into a boiler. It was an unprecedented mission, but we felt that our technical expertise would be enough to deliver the innovation. 

What was the first step? Putting our laptop to communicate with the PLC, accessing the data and creating our AI model. So this was our first integration, but not yet on any kind of scale. 

Time to scale up! That's when we met 4DIAC, a pioneering OpenSource software in the IEC 61499 standard for the digital transformation of industry.  We took the integration that was in our notebook and put it inside an automation block. 

Mission accomplished: we created an artificial intelligence capable of controlling an industrial boiler, and likewise put the algorithm into an automation block in the IEC61499 standard. Do you know how long that took? 3 months. 

That's how we understood that we could put ANY software into an IEC61499 automation block using the 4DIAC software. 

Since we started in the market, we don't sell blocks, we don't sell software, we don't sell automation standards. We sell industrial efficiency. 

To keep our partners active in the flow of innovation, we work with the IEC61499 standard, which can communicate with equipment from any supplier and, even in cases of equipment replacement, interoperability is guaranteed. 

While the market controls development and data through lock-in, our users have freedom over their systems and are free to move between suppliers that best meet their demands. 

To achieve the highest level of industrial efficiency, Aimirim has a technology sector that can be commissioned quickly, easily and at an unbeatable cost.

What can be done with the technologies that Aimirim has at its disposal?

Choosing companies free of lock-ins guarantees independence and competitiveness in the market, with flexible technologies and systems that can be customized and adapted to your needs.


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