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ESG: The acronym that can transform your company

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You have probably heard about ESG. The acronym stands for environmental, social and governance, and it can be a decisive aspect for your company’s future.

Understanding and applying ESG practises inside companies and industries is a way to reaffirm your presence in the market by searching for more conscious practises.

According to KPMG research, among the ones that care the most about the companies’ environmental approach, 5% are brazilian, while among the ones that care the most about the companies’ social consciousness, 9% are brazilian. The number may still be considered low in Brazil, but globally this topic has been prevailing in discussions. It is estimated a very high budget for CAPEX, in the medium and long term, for those who are strongly committed with the ESG.

To be aligned with the consumer's expectations is to be ahead of the competition and to envisage a global successful future. Understand the ESG impact.

ESG in practice

Understand the global impacts that ESG might have in your company with these two basic reasons:

  1. The organisations and companies which do not adopt environmental, social and governance measures will be affected in their valuation. Thus, they will lose value to the customer, suppliers and partners;

  2. By losing value to the customers, their products and services will be less competitives, and therefore, it will be much harder to keep their market share.

It is important to highlight that the ESG structure may be focused in diverse company areas, it is not restricted to only one aspect. For example, investing in enhancing the energy utilization in industrial processes is a manner to start using these practices, and Aimirim is the right company to support you in this initial scenario.

It might be even more compelling when combined with an alternative renewable energy generation, such as bioenergy.

Not only sustainable measures can be applied, but also projects to include the minority groups and procedures to enhance the company’s governance. Besides the direct benefits in these sectors, investing in ESG promotes economic growth, and this is a strategy already adopted for some companies.

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ESG and the Digital Transformation

The ESG policies implantation is a key point to ensure the business sustainable growth, and the digital transformation is a major part in this movement. For this reason, using the technologies offered by Aimirim in this process has been an often adopted practise by the biggest Brazilian and worldwide companies.

With the digital transformation, the decisions are taken based on the data. With the huge amount of information generated by the industries, computational algorithms such as the developed and commercialized by Aimirim, will be used in order to ensure that the whole productive industrial chain consumes less inputs, emits less carbon, and has a direct impact on the industrial processes energy efficiency.

Technology can also be applied with social purposes, it can help improve the product delivered to the consumers and the data protection, ensuring safety in the industrial environment. Moreover, there are already companies which use technology to reduce the unconscious bias during the recruitment process, by using platforms that enable the blind hiring process.

Governance can be influenced by the corporate conduct, promoting the company processes transparency, improving its image to the customer and, therefore, introducing this competitive advantage. Ethic, professional and transparent conducts will make all the difference in this moment.

That is why working a multifocal ESG vision in your industry may represent a huge advance on the march to the future.

Be data driven. Aimirim works in an ethical, responsable and modern way. Adopt our solutions, which are capable of promoting digital transformation in global corporations, enhancing the performance in a fast, agile and accessible way. The ESG in practise is with Aimirim.

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