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Software Defined Facilities: Reach the full potential of your industry

Updated: Jun 6

What if your business rules could be more aggressive because you make dynamic decisions and observe a greater number of variables? Would that mean more work and more people? So now let's put that into software.

The term Software Defined Facilities is new, but it is nothing more than a technology or service optimized or managed by software. What used to be done by people and equipment is now managed by centralized software.

We can deliver software to your business that manages your processes, selects the best set points for the moment and recommends the best actions in your manufacturing. All with a technological basis such as generative AI (digital lean manufacturing) and cyber physical system (advanced control, real time optimization and others)

If your process control previously operated from a PLC or DCS, now you can have process control from software that is in an on-the-edge device, INTEGRATED with your PLC or DCS, no matter what brand or vendor (we integrate with anyone, we are universal integrators!).

All this in accordance with the IEC61499 standard, which is a recognized automation standard. If your setpoint was fixed, now you can have a completely multivariable dynamic setpoint. And if your recipe was fixed, now you can have a dynamic recipe.

We're taking you all the way to Industry 4.0!

With Software Defined Facilities, it is possible to have strategic information quickly, accurate data and also offer more security to employees by administering the necessary and right tools for excellent management.

And you can start step by step. You can commission an initial process, such as a boiler. Then you can commission a dryer. And the next thing you know, in just 5 months you've commissioned all your processes.

Once you've completed this progressive transformation, you can “close the loop”. That's it! You have a software-operated factory. When you close the loop, that's what happens. And with us it's possible, fast and affordable. We have real cases of clients who have become more efficient and competitive with this digital transformation. We want to tell you about them:


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